Environmental, Social and Governance

Pemberton Asset Management is dedicated to supporting companies as they seek to achieve stronger, profitable growth, thereby generating stable, attractive, long-term returns for our investors. We are deeply conscious that environmental, social and governance factors can have a material impact on both outcomes.

Pemberton has a clear commitment to ESG, through a dedicated ESG policy and as a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing. We have a proactive ESG investment approach, incorporating ESG-specific due diligence, ongoing monitoring, a quarterly ethics committee meeting, and an ESG checklist.

To the extent that we can, as a private debt manager, we will actively encourage our portfolio companies to implement ESG guidelines and processes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Pemberton Asset Management understands the importance of fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity in all its forms. Our business was purposely built to blend people from different backgrounds and experiences, ensuring diversity of people and of thought. As a business that is present in multiple countries around the world, we are committed to building a workforce that reflects the highly diverse nature of our investors, borrowers and partners.

We believe it is socially and commercially imperative to ensure the rich diversity of available talent in society is represented in our business.

We have designed our recruitment and development activities to ensure that all of our employees feel engaged and empowered to fulfil their potential, and ultimately, deliver the best possible results for our investors and borrowers.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Pemberton Asset Management believes in supporting the wider communities in which we operate. We primarily do this through an outreach program me, which is led by one of our Partners. All employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas and their time to this programme or other impactful initiatives that they believe in.

Equal Opportunities and Working Environment

Pemberton Asset Management is an equal opportunities employer and fully supports the right of all people to apply for roles and be employed without discrimination or harassment of any kind.

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